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Restaurant meals have taught many of us to like petits pois a Ia française, but not many know how to cook them.

1 lb. shelled new peas: 1 small lettuce: 6 small spring onions: 1 oz. fresh butter: 1 lump of sugar.
Put the cut-up lettuce into a saucepan with the butter and sugar and then add a tablespoonful only of water and the bulbs of the onions and then the peas. Cover and cook over a gentle heat, shaking the pan now and then.
When the peas are done (in about half an hour), pour off what liquid there is into a small pan, and reduce it by quick boiling until it is the right consistency for pouring over the peas, lettuce and onions, and serve at once. If frozen peas are used add them after the other ingredients have been cooking for a quarter of an hour.
For those who do not like the taste of onion, there is much to be said for omitting the spring ones here. The gentle flavour of the peas and lettuce is all that you really want.